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6.00 compatibility with ImpressPages4!

We are happy to announce MultiSite compatibility with the new and great ImpressPages version 4.

What's different

No SERVER, CLIENT, HOST infrastructure. That means much easier to install and less confusion. All MultiSite runs on a single ImpressPages installation in a single location.

Easier update. All hosted websites are always kept up to date. Just update main MultiSite installation and all hosted websites will be updated automatically.

Better plugin support. Now you can have plugins that are global to all installations.

No way to upgrade from older versions

There is no way to update old installation to the new one. If you have older version bought less than a year ago, you can visit our "Buy" page and download new version. If you have bought it more than a year age, the update cost $99. You can have old and new installation running even if you have bought just one license.