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5.06 ImpressPages core update

Theme Marketplace

Till now MultiSite developers had to build their own themes for their clients. Now with this update your clients can choose from bunch free and paid themes on ImpressPages Marketplace. You still can add your own themes as it was before. But instead of selling to your own customers, you can earn more by providing themes to the world wide users of ImpressPages by publishing them on the Marketplace.  

Mobile support

This MultiSite release incorporates ImpressPages 3.7 core which is mobile friendly and responsive.


ImpressPages 3.7 fixes several important security issues. All MultiSite users are strongly recommended to update.

Please keep in mind that only new websites will be automatically created using 3.7. Older websites will stay intact. But you can update them using "Update" link in MultiSite -> Websites administration tab. Please don't update client websites manually or using "Manage" button as it will make websites work improperly.