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Setup Service

Here you can order ImpressPages MultiSite one time setup / repair service for $99

Terms Of Service

  • You should buy MultiSite license before using this service. We will ask to provide data required to prove you have MultiSite license
  • This service covers only default MultiSite installation and setup. We don't do any customization nor design. After installation your website will look like this:
  • You should provide us with root login data to server that meets MultiSite requirements.
  • There should be no other websites or services on the same server on time of setup as there is a chance to break them. Later on you can install whatever you want.
  • This is one time setup. If your website gets broken later on, you should buy new services if you need help.
  • Usually installation service takes 2 business days. But sometimes it could take more. Especially in case server doesn't meet the requirements. 
  • You can order MultiSite repair services too if your installation got broken.