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Setup MultiSite plugin

Exctract content from downloaded archive into Plugin directory as shown bellow:

Multisite plugins folder structure

Now log in to administration panel, go to Plugins section and activate all plugins.

Configure MultiSite subdomain

MultiSite is capable of creating subdomains for your users. If you own the domain, MultiSite will let your users to create subdomains. In the Plugins section, select MultiSite and enter the domain used for this purpose.

Configure payment system

Go to Plugins section in administration panel, select PayPal Subscription plugin and enter your PayPal email address. 

Add critical widgets

Login to admin and add some widgets to desired places of your page:


This widget will give your user website management panel where user can create / manage / delete his websites. While user is not logged in, the login screen will appear.


This is a pricing table. You can configure prices in Plugin section of admin. Add it anywhere you like.

Login / logout / profile

Your users won't be able to logout or see the profile if you don't add appropriate user specific wigets on your website too.