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Install ImpressPages

MultiSite installation starts by installing ImpressPages drag & drop frameworkPlease read here how to install ImpressPages CMS.

On installation wizard, use MySQL user that has root access to the database because this user should be able to create / drop databases on MySQL server. To check if your user has these rights, just login to PhpMyAdmin. If you see field "Create database", and can create / drop databases there, then you are fine. If not, please execute following commands as a root on your server command line:

mysql -u root -p

//you will be asked to enter password at this point//

mysql> GRANT ALL ON *.* TO mysql_user_name WITH GRANT OPTION;


cPanel users can do the same using the web interface:

  • login to WHM panel
  • search for "MySQL root password" option
  • set new root password
  • use "root" user and password you have just inserted in following installation steps.